What Feeed Me App Do..

In a nutshell, FeeedMe is a free app that enables people to find and be directed to venues that serve breakfast, lunch, dinner. And to locate specials boards from local cafes, pubs, restaurants, based on their budget, preference and location. For You the Cafe, Pubs, Restaurant owner: Feeed Me is an interactive mobile application that allows your café, pub, restaurant, or other types of food venues to advertise on the Feeed Me app, your daily/weekly specials With your very own online business profile, advertising your blackboard specials has never been easier!

How Your Customers Looking for Blackboard Specials Find You: Budget: Customers select budget Food: Customers select food preferences Shake: Customers shake the android device Found: App detects customers’ locations, time of day and matches to closest venues, food preferences, and presents customers details of venue and specials boards

Example: If Mary has $10 for lunch today she can enter this into the Feeed Me app using a simple scroll bar, then simply shake her device and your specials board with the chicken wrap & small chips & drink for $8.95 will come up on the screen. She then clicks on your special and Google maps direct her to your venue. She can then share this amazing meal deal with thousands of her friends and family on Facebook. Benefits to Your Business

Self-Manage Your Boards: the most amazing and significant difference to this app is that you self-manage your specials for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and it is instantly displayed! Boost: Feeed Me boosts your daily traffic by helping you and your business sell more food and allow thousands of people to find a meal within their budget & connect with you and each other. Feeed Me also boosts your online presence by driving traffic to your website. Click here for registration