About Feeed Me App

Ever resourceful, husband and wife team, Andrew and Jodie Paterson, supported by a dedicated team of family and friends, created this service and app to solve an ongoing issue that they and many people have. Many people want to know what the specials boards are on any given day, at their local café, pub, restaurant based on their budget and preferences. So Feeed Me was created!
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Feeed Me is also about giving back to the community. Feeed Me is donating 25% of the profits to establish a humanitarian / youth centre in Queensland.
The focus is to provide hope and create opportunity for people in the community that require help, direction and purpose. The centre will provide vacation programs for children as well as family community entertainment, by creating a safe and fun environment for them to come and enjoy the activities and facility provided.
The community based centre will also have a food outlet for families struggling to feed their loved ones or just unable to overcome the situation that is before them. Feeed Me will be encouraging local council, governments, clubs and churches to work together in developing opportunities for young people to discover themselves and gain motivation and a desire to succeed through counselling, courses, employment opportunity and community focused events.
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